Friday, 25 July 2008

I'm sick of being ill...

The Bad Mutha household has had to go into quarantine for the last few days.

DD2 picked up a hideous projectile vomiting bug late last week and gave it to the rest of us one by one.

It’s been like a game of Russian Roulette trying to work out which one of us was going to get it next.

God sometimes it’s rubbish having small kids.

They pick up every single bug going and pass it on without a care in the world.

I don’t think I’ve had a month so far this year when I haven’t had some sort of cold/sickness/feeling generally crap scenario.

Of course, I blame DD2’s toddler group for everything.

She went there last Wednesday. Sure enough the next day she was boffing for Britain.

My suspicions were confirmed when I talked to another mum who goes there - and exactly the same symptoms had emerged at exactly the same time in her little girl.

And then all her family had come down with it too.

Coincidence maybe. I think not. As Arthur C Clarke used to say.

Anyway, the other mum and I both spent an enjoyable half hour bitching about which little toe-rag we thought it was who’d gone to the village hall harbouring all those nasty germs and deliberately passed them on to everyone else.

I suppose the only consolation is knowing his/her family all spent most of this week staring at the bottom of a bog bowl too.

Anyway, wonder who we’ve passed it on to....?


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