Friday, 4 July 2008

To pierce or not to pierce - that is the question...

What age is it ok to let your DD get her ears pierced?

My eldest is 11 and has been nagging me morning, noon and night to let her have it done.

She reckons she is the only girl in Year Six not to have pierced ears.

And indeed I know this is probably quite close to the truth - especially as round where I live the average age for getting it done is about two.

But there was no way I was going to let my PFB (precious first born) anywhere near one of those ear butchers at such a young age.

I don’t know what it is about seeing a toddler with pierced ears that makes me feel so uneasy.

Is it just because it’s such a chavvy look? Or maybe because it seems like plain child cruelty to me?

How can a mum actually go ahead and take a small child to have a gun pierce a hole through her ears like that?

I feel bad enough about the prospect with a nice mature DD who is about to start secondary school - never mind a little tot who doesn’t have a clue about fashion trends and accessorizing an outfit.

I am fairly tempted to say I have no objection to my own kid’s wishes.

Mainly because she is so pathetic when it comes to pain and squeamish things that I suspect she will chicken out in the end.

Plus, she probably takes after me - allergic to virtually all forms of jewellery apart from solid platinum and gold.

And there’s no way, even on HER pocket money, she will ever be able to stretch to that...


Anonymous said...

i had mine done at 6 weeks old and never had any problems with mine and my baby has just had hers done shes nearly 5 months old why would she be chav? its best to do them when they are young my baby dont wear big loops or anything like that just little studsi think she looks sweet not (chav)

Anonymous said...

I had my daughters ears pierced at two. Even at that young age she knew what she wanted and has never looked back. Ear piercing age is down to the indidvidual. My daughter was happy to sit in the chair while her ears were pierced. Noone forced her and she is certainly not a 'chav'.

Mr B J Mann said...

I had mine done in the womb but it didn't arf urt when the studs caught in me ma's piercings!

Of COURSE even at the young age of two she knew what she wanted. All kids of the young age of two know what they want.

That's why they call it the "terrible twos".

And that's why they call them kids.

Are you two 30 yet? Between you!

Anonymous said...

A simple idea really - If God had wanted us to have body piercing then we would have been born with holes in those places.

I'm not religious at all but that's my thoughts.