Friday, 28 March 2008

Baby shoes - what a rip-off!

I've just forked out £20 for my 11-month-old’s (DD2's) first pair of pre-walking shoes. They measure less than four centimetres and have got a bit of material, a bit of plastic and a bit of rubber on them. So how does that equate to 20 blobbing quid?
And that's not the worst of it. It’s only through my sheer assertiveness that we actually got to purchase these precious items at all.
It’s all to do with those “Look at me, I’ve got a measuring machine and I’m very IMPORTANT” Professional Fitters you get in every kids’ shoe shop.
DD2 isn’t walking yet, so we don’t need anything fancy. Just something she can’t take off and sling into the gutter when we’re out.
I tried around half a dozens shops in Nottingham and saw several I thought were fine when I tried them on her. But then the Professional Fitters appeared: “Has she been measured?”
In each case, I tried to explain I wasn’t that worried about them being a bit big, I was just after a buckle fastening so the little monster couldn’t get them off herself.
But the Professional Fitters insisted on doing things properly. Unfortunately, she came out at size two. And most shops only sell size three up.
I tell you, we virtually begged them to sell us a larger size, but only after several hours when we got to the sixth outlet did the Professional Fitter give in - by which time DD2 had turned into the Spawn of Satan with hunger and boredom.
As I handed over my hard earned cash, the PF beamed: “Would you like to have a picture taken with your child’s first shoes and be entered into our prize draw?”
We declined.

Have you had a shoe buying nightmare in Notts? Leave your comments now