Thursday, 17 April 2008

Holidays - They're Hard Work Aren't They?

Going on holiday with the family is all very nice and stuff. But you don’t half need a week or two off to recover afterwards.
I’ve just come back from a week in Wales and it was all lovely.
But it’s hard work being with your kids and partner 24 hours a day for seven whole days in a row isn’t it?
I’m not sure the arrangement really works for us.
DD1 was fine. She just took her Nintendo DS everywhere we went and it was instant entertainment on tap. We hardly had to talk to her at all. Brilliant.
But DD2 (aged one) was far more tricky.
No-one ever tells you when you decide to have children quite how many animal theme parks you’ll have to go when they reach toddler age.
We must have gone to at least 450 in the Cardigan Bay area alone last week.
And I tell you what, not one of them was as good as White Post Farm on our own doorstep.
The only other thing we could think of to do with the DDs was take them out to eat.
Trouble is, DD2 has an annoying tendency to shriek like a Banshee and throw food at other diners.
Plus you can’t really stay in the cosy pub down the road until 1am in the morning with kids these days. People start giving you funny looks.
So we had to go back to the cottage we’d rented and consume vast quantities of cheap wine or white rum and cola.
Crikey, I haven’t had so many bad hangovers since I was at University.
Still, it's nice to have a break isn't it?

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