Thursday, 30 April 2009

Would you, though?

The following just turned up in my Inbox and I had to share.

Austin Healey and his twin daughters Bibi-Dee and Betsy are launching the new Huggies Little Walkers® Denim nappy pants, available for a limited time only from May 1.

Quote from Austin: "Huggies Little Walkers® Denim is a really fun way to give my girls a bit of rock-star style! Bibi-Dee and Betsy have been sofa surfing for some time now and it's been great to watch them take their first steps. This summer, thanks to limited edition Huggies Little Walkers® Denim they can practice every step, twist and dance move whilst looking very cute - in fact we can all rock out together - they even like my taste in music! Little Walkers® Denim is clearly the new favourite in our house."

I can't really decide which is worse. Denim nappies. Or the names Bibi Dee and Betsy...

You can watch more of this drivel at


Anonymous said...

David Wilcock's Blog

Anonymous said...

Whwn do we get to see more pictures of Healey and his cute girls!

Anonymous said...

The Healey Girls are soooooooooooooo cute!