Thursday, 26 February 2009

Perfect for Bad Muthas

If you fancy taking the kids somewhere they can run around for hours keeping themselves entertained while you have a cuppa and read the paper, Bad Mutha would highly recommend

Came across it by accident while on a shopping trip to all those spiffing new shops near IKEA. Except don' t try and get in via the retail park. Somebody has sensibly designed the new facility so that you can see a tempting glimpse of all the fabulous play zones inside, but there is absolutely no clue about access.

If you want to avoid half an hour of walking round in circles, let me offer you the following useful information. You have to go in the car back onto the main road towards Eastwood, taking the next left to Giltbrook Industrial Estate. Follow the road round and go past the new Screwfix unit until you can go no further. You'll see the car park and entrance.

Another word of warning though - the car park's a bit teeny. I can see that causing severe problems at weekends and during the hols.

DD2 says it's great there (in toddler language anyway) with an unexpectedly large and challenging area for pre-schoolers - and you get free drinks for the £4 entrance price. Bargain.

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