Thursday, 18 December 2008

The forgotten prezzies of Christmas past...

If you're having a major stress-out about trying to buy your kids that "perfect" toy to make their face light up for Christmas, here's a thought.
Can you remember what you bought them last Christmas?
More to the point, can they remember?
Go on, I dare you. Ask them: "What did Santa leave you under the tree last year?"
I bet you all you'll get is a few blank looks and a possible: "Cadbury's Selection Box."
They won't recall the expensive Robo-raptor thing that only came out of its box the once on Christmas afternoon and then remained hidden under a bed until you found it while cleaning last week.
They won't remember the talking Iggle Piggle or the camera which stopped working after half an hour because the batteries packed in either.
And neither will you.
It makes you wonder why you bother buying them stuff at all.
And then there's your other half. Can you remember what you bought him/her?
I haven't a flipping clue, but I bet he took it back and exchanged it for the next brand up just like he always does.
I quite like doing a bit of Christmas shopping and wrapping up boxes and putting them under the tree on Christmas Eve.
But I refuse to get in a state of utter panic about it like some people.
The next time you feel yourself getting anxious because you haven't managed to afford one of those must-have life size talking dogs from John Lewis, take heart.
It would probably just have ended up as a handy place to fling clothes by about January 6.
Merry Christmas!

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